New feature: photostream in release 2.8

The new release Tiny Marbles CMS 2.8 is available. The release 2.8 comes with a new feature: the photostream. Here in a nutshell how the new photostream works:

  • Images in the image library can be tagged with public tags and keywords.
  • A new type of 'Article category' is available: 'Photostream'.
  • The photostream can be placed anywhere in the public navigation bar.
  • All images with public tags appear in the photostream, ordered by date and by ID.
  • On the right side of the photostream the stream can be filtered by public tags
  • The stream provides endless scrolling up to 600 thumbnails (140px * 140px), then a link to the next page appears
  • Each image provides a title, a caption, a description (based on the HTML editor) and keywords.

On the Tiny Marbles CMS website you can check out the photostream. In this particular example the stream only provides 35 images, so the endless scrolling doesn't appear, and the fullsize mode only shows the screen shots, so maybe for a big monitor the fullsize screen will not fill out the complete screen.

Another working example of the photostream with endless scrolling and 'real' fullsize mode you can find on my photoblog.

Next release will probably be published end of July 2012. The new release will come with a new article type: 'Extended article', and a new layout theme called 'Flexible layout 2'. And of course with some improvements and bug fixing.

- Stay tuned -


SEO friendly URLs in Tiny Marbles CMS 2.7

It was long overdue. Finally Tiny Marbles CMS 2.7 supports SEO friendly URLs in the public area. Creating a SEO and human friendly URL is essential, a dirty looking URL with a bunch of parameter doesn't work properly with most of the web crawlers. In previous releases of Tiny Marbles CMS a complicate URL looked like that:


The optimized URL for search engines since the release 2.7:


In order to support SEO friendly URLs the article management was refactored. Each article category now has an URL-token which is generated automatically from the system to create the optimized URL. The URL token can be changed by the user if necessary. The same applies to the article: here the title is used for the URL token.

Deploy Tiny Marbles as 'Root'
In the past it was not possible to deploy Tiny Marbles CMS directly as 'Root' in TomCat because of a bug. However it was possible in older releases to avoid the servlet context 'wsm' in the URL using the vhost configuration in Apache. With the new release 2.7 the system is configured for the direct usage as 'Root'. If you still would like to use the servlet context you have to configure your vhost configuration to support the installation in case you have more than one deployment on your TomCat.


New release 2.6.1 available

It was time for a new update of the Tiny Marbles CMS. The new release 2.6.1 provides two new features for the article category: Now it is possible to create directly a new article from a chosen article category. The advantage: the system automatically chooses the correct article type and the article category is added automatically as well. Second new feature: now it is possible to search for an article in the box 'Add article to article category'.

Furthermore the new release provides some improvements and of course bug fixes. One important improvement: what was once a nice floatable box is now a beautiful floatable box with a scrollbar. The floatable box is a draggable dialog box which can include any needed feature, mostly it is used to add article categories to an article, banner or workday, or to add a user to a group and vice versa. The problem of the old floatable box was, that in case of a large number of article categories the box was to big for the browser window. The new box now comes with a vertical scrollbar which appears automatically:


The floatable box is available as a Freemarker macro and is part of the webcore library of the Tiny Marbles Framework:

<@show.box id="boxArticle" scrollbar=true labelClose="${action.getText('label.close')}">

    ... add your content here ... if 'scrollbar' is set to 'true' the scrollbar appears
automatically in case the content is bigger than the box height.

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