Website management

Tiny Marbles CMS is more than a CMS, the system is a website manager as well. After setting up Tiny Marbles CMS the system is ready to manage various websites with different languages, different layouts and specific domains for each site. How to create a new website is explained in the chapter 'Zone management' of the admin guide. 

Each website, or in terms of Tiny Marbles CMS, each 'zone', has its own set of users, articles, media management, and, what is very important, its own scheme. Right now the systems supports 3 schemes out of the box:

  • Flexible layout
  • Horizontal tab system
  • Financial theme

A 'scheme' determines how the main layout of the website appears: the position and the structure of the main and top menu, basic colors, positions of images like top image or images for decoration. The 'Financial theme' and the 'Horizontal tab system' have some basic fixed colors, like blue, brown and blackberry, the 'Flexible layout' comes with a basic set of colors, but all colors can be changed individually.


Create company

Tiny Marbles CMS is prepared to manage companies. Right now, the release 2.5 only suppports the features 'create company' and 'list company' without further connections to the other entities. But it is planned in the future to connect the advertisement area with the companies, and the company management is helpful extending Tiny Marbles CMS with specific business transactions like for instance a catalog and a shopping card:



List companies

The list of all companies shows the companies in an alphabetic order. There are two filters available on the top: active/inactive companies and 'my companies/all companies'. When a company will be deleted, the company appears in the list of inactive companies, where a company can be activated again. To modify a company simply click on the 'Edit' icon in the list:


If you would like to delete one or more companies from the list, simply click on the trash can icons and collect the articles by using the control key or shift key of the keyboard. Then click on Delete? and the selected companies will be deleted after you confirmed a message from the system: