Create user

Go to the tab 'User management' and click on 'Create user' in the 'User'-area. You can choose the language for the user, and you have to specify a login name, a user name (=display name in the admin area), and a password:



User - quick search

If you search for a certain user, just insert the characters of the name you are looking for into the search field and an auto-complete list will show up to help you:



Edit a user

After selecting a user you can do several things with the user data: change the user profile, change the password or select the groups to which the user shall belong. If you have permissions to create users, you will see the tab 'Create user'. The checkboxes for 'Recent users', 'Shortcuts', etc ... , are connected to the dashboard and control the visibility of the dashboard boxes related to each user:



List users

The users are listed alphabetically and can be sorted in the opposite direction by clicking on the arrow link next to the labels 'Login name' or 'User name'.

In this screen it is also shown how a user can be deleted from the system: just 'collect' the trash cans in each line from the user using the 'control' or 'shift' key on the keyboard. After selecting just click on 'Delete' located on top of the list. The user 'webadm' in this particular case has no trash can, because it is the 'super user' of the system and cannot be deleted.

Attention: The user are not deleted physically from the system, they are only 'deactivated'. You can filter active and deactive user with the filter on top of the screen. You can activate a user again once the user was 'deleted'.

With click on the 'edit'-icon you are able to edit and change the user's data: