Using Ivy

The easiest way is to use Eclipse and install all modules of the Tiny Marbles Framework: Luigi, Talos, repository, webcore, MUM, CMS and WSM with all dependencies. For the dependencies use the Ivy plugin of Eclipse and the ivy.xml of each module. The Ivy setting path in Eclipse:


Luigi (which includes the osconnector) and Talos you can checkout directly from the Source Forge CVS:


For the repository, webcore, MUM, CMS and WSM we provide Eclipse project packages:

  • repository 0.5.1 Eclipse project
  • webcore 0.6 Eclipse project
  • MUM 2.6 Eclipse project
  • CMS 2.6 Eclipse project
  • WSM 2.6 Eclipse project

After you installed all modules in Eclipse successfully Eclipse should show errors in all projects because of the missing dependencies in your local Ivy repository. Use the Ivy tasks: 'build', 'dist.jar' and 'ivy-publish' of each modul starting in this order: 'Luigi', 'Talos', 'repository', 'webcore', 'MUM', 'CMS' and finally 'WSM'. Now all Java libraries are located in your local Ivy repository and Eclipse should have all depencies of all modules.

Example Ivy file for wsm-2.6:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ivy-module version="1.3" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
   <info organisation="os-kit" module="wsm">
      <license name="Apache License 2.0" url="http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0" />
     artifacts="true" />
     <conf name="default" description="default configuration" />
     <conf name="build" description="dependencies needed for build" />
     <conf name="quickstart" description="dependencies needed for standalone" />
     <conf name="test" description="dependencies needed for test" />
     <conf name="source" description="source code" />
     <artifact name="wsm" type="jar" conf="default" />
     <artifact type="source" ext="source.jar" conf="source" />
      <dependencies defaultconf="default">
     <dependency org="os-kit" name="cms" rev="2.6+" conf="default->default,source" />    
     <dependency org="com.jhlabs" name="filters" rev="2.0.235" conf="default" />
     <dependency org="javax.mail" name="mail" rev="1.4.1" conf="default" />    
     <dependency org="jetty" name="jetty" rev="6.1.12rc1" conf="quickstart->default"/>
     <dependency org="jetty" name="jetty-util" rev="6.1.12rc1" conf="quickstart->default"/>
     <dependency org="jetty" name="jsp-api" rev="2.1-6.0.2" conf="quickstart->default"/>
     <dependency org="jetty" name="start" rev="6.1.12rc1" conf="quickstart->default"/>    
     <dependency name="recaptcha4j" org="recaptcha4j" rev="0.0.7" conf="default"/>