Changelog for release Tiny Marbles CMS 2.8

New features:
Types for article category: 'article', 'photostream' and 'link'.
New feature: photostream and public images
Public tags and public keywords for images
Internal refactoring 'edit image' and 'edit selected' image

Improvement: jpg compression for the image upload is now editable in config.properties

Bugs fixing:
Fixed bug: wrong flash message in list images
Fixed bug: update bulk image, wrong display of commonTags
Fixed bug: saveTag, parameter 'name' was not URL encoded
Fixed bug: lastUploaded images, wrong pagination

Known problems (will be fixed in next release coming in July 2012):

  • reCaptcha doesn't work properly in add new comment
  • Article Category hierarchy: in case a node is dragged to its own subtree (which is forbidden) a JavaScript error occurs. Correct behaviour: the subtree should be inactive for drag/drop.
  • Image, add new image to article: image capture is not saved properly when image was uploaded. While creating an article with an image a template error occurs in view part. Work around until next release: Edit and save image after upload, then the image capture is saved properly.


Changelog for release Tiny Marbles CMS 2.7

New features:
SEO friendly URLs for public area
Internal refactoring for article management related with SEO friendly URLs

Improvement: Document downloads are now shown with a filename which can be changed instead of ID
Improvement article: All article headlines now in h1
Improvement layout: Round corners for navigation in 'Flexible layout' now with CSS
Improvement installation: Application now starts directly without context 'wsm' in URL
Improvement installation: Support of TomCat 7 and MySQL 5.5x

Bugs fixing:
Fixed bug: Wrong position of dialog box for list images, CSS changed
Fixed bug: Application now also work as 'Root'-deployment in TomCat


Changelog for release Tiny Marbles CMS 2.6.1

New features:
Added new article search in add article to article category

Improvement: new asynchronous Google Analytics with multiple subdomains (cms 2.6.1)
Improvement article: add tags, add article category => improved CSS (cms 2.6.1, mum 2.6.1)
Improvement: floatable box (admin), refactoring and scrollbar (webcore 0.6.1)
Improvement image gallery: internal refactoring
Improvement image gallery: keyboard events for next, previous and close
Update to Tiny MCE 3.4.6

Bug fixing:
Fixed bug: change h2 to h3 in TinyMCE html editor
Fixed bug: comments label validation, preview in dashboard
Fixed bug: new blog layout, wrong link in headline
Fixed bug: image library, image rotate calls URL although no image selected
Fixed bug [IE7]: close image library, overflow was set to "auto"which causes trouble in IE7
Fixed bug: image gallery, wrong conversion for image id, link to next image failed for ids above 999.


Changelog for release Tiny Marbles CMS 2.6

New features:
Added new article layout: 'blog'
Added new comment feature for layout 'blog'
Added link feature for article category
Added jsoup in comment and contact: Sanitize untrusted HTML to prevent XSS
Added in user management: new field 'email' in class 'User' for notification
Added RSS feed => specification of external feed manager possible, absolute URLs for images
Added preview in image cropper
Added cross fader banner for the scheme 'flexible layout'

Improvement: Refactoring article channel management
Improvement: Refactoring article preview, usage of absolute URLs
Improvement: show 404 error page when files are missing
Improvement zone management: zone selector in edit zone
Improvement image description: line break possible
Update to Tiny MCE 3.4.4
Update to jsCropperUI-1.2.2

Bug fixing:
Fixed bug related to MSSQL 2008: some filter of tables didn't work properly
Fixed bug <br> problem IE9, html editor: when copying pure text IE9 added <br> as line break
Fixed bug IE 7: list articles, layout problem with shortcuts icons
Fixed bug all IE: impossible to add a tag with international characters
Fixed bug IE7: impossible to create new article 


Changelog for release Tiny Marbles CMS 2.5

Since the release Tiny Marbles CMS 2.5 is the first public release there is no changelog available. The release number '2.5' is related to the previous not public release management of the website manager modul 'wsm'. Since July 2011 the Tiny Marbles CMS is published as Open Source and consists of the main packages: WSM (=website manager), CMS (cms modul) and MUM (user management modul).