Are precompiled binaries available?

Yes, you can find them in our download sector. 


Can I use Tiny Marbles directly out of the box?

In case you use the complete Tiny Marbles CMS including the website manager: yes. After you downloaded Tiny Marbles CMS we provide a standalone version, which you can use after some clicks and only little configuration. Or you deploy Tiny Marbles CMS on an Java application server using a SQL database.

In case you only use the library 'cms' without the website manager you still have to care about your specific website and your project. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, because sometimes corporate business websites and complex internet plaforms cannot be build only by changing for example a style sheet. However the default way running Tiny Marbles CMS is using all packages including the website manager.


Do I get support for my projects based on Tiny Marbles?

If you have questions regarding Tiny Marbles itself please contact us, and we try to answer as quick as possible. But specific questions or help for your projects we cannot guarantee to answer. However, we offer a enterprise licence, where you can get support with an agreed response time and help for your projects based on Tiny Marbles. If you have questions about a professional support, please don't hesitate to ask us.