About Tiny Marbles

Tiny Marbles CMS is a website and content management system for setting up and maintaining websites to organize articles and media data. It enables the customer to manage complete websites and the related content like articles, images, documents, MP3 files and videos in an easy and intuitive way.

The system is designed to manage a large number of users as well. Therefore Tiny Marbles CMS is the perfect basis for a growing community platform. Tiny Marbles CMS is Open Source and released under the Apache License 2.0.

Tiny Marbles CMS is built on several modules:

  • Website management: Websites with predefined templates and multiple language support
  • Dashboard: Quick access to all important information of the CMS
  • Articles management: Articles, article categories, layouts and tags
  • Media management: Images, photo gallery, documents, video and podcasts
  • Banner management: Banner advertisement and contact banner
  • User management: Zones, user, groups, companies and permissions
  • Special features: Google Analytics, Google Maps, reCaptcha, dictionary


The "Tiny Marbles Framework" is the name for the complete set of modules from the view point of a developer for independent usage. Tiny Marbles CMS uses all modules and packages of the Tiny Marbles Framework. Here an overview over the modules of the Tiny Marbles Framework:

Luigi aims to provide Lucene's full-text search in a highly configurable and loosely coupled library. The engine provides a layer of services on top of Lucene that can be configured and managed through Spring beans. More information here.

Talos is an authorization engine designed for easy and efficient management of access rights. You can check access rights and change them in single-line commands, directly from the code, without dealing with external XML, policy files, and classpath. More information here.

The package 'repository' provides access to Hibernate using the DAO pattern. The generic repository handles for instance the database session, all basic database procedures like 'get', 'list', 'save', 'update' and generic result like a PagedResult.

The package 'webcore' provides a set of useful basic methods for web application upon Struts, Spring and Freemarker. It also includes the packages 'Luigi', 'Talos' and the package 'repository'. On top of the module 'webcore' you can easily build new web applications based on Java with intuitive search, authorization and database access.

Usermanagement (MUM)
The package MUM includes the package 'webcore' and is not a framework anymore. It is a real web application with only one purpose: user, group, role, authorization and zone administration. You can work with MUM itself and you can create your own web application on top of MUM very easily based using the underlying Tiny Marbles Framework 'Luigi', 'Talos', 'repository' and 'webcore'.

Content manager (CMS)
The package CMS includes 'MUM' and therefore the complete underlying Tiny Marbles Framework: 'Luigi', 'Talos', 'repository', 'webcore' and 'MUM'. The content manager provides all features for the content administration. But you still have to take care about the website and the layout yourself.

Website manager (WSM)
The website management system (WSM) includes the package 'CMS'. The website manager provides all features to manage and display websites. Included are three basic layout schemes, called 'Flexible layout', 'Horizontal tab system' and 'Financial theme'. It is possible to work with the website manager out of the box. The website manager is called 'Tiny Marbles CMS'.

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