Website manager: new Tiny Marbles CMS 2.5

The new 'Tiny Marbles CMS' website manager is online. In the past we only provided a set of libraries like the CMS or user management modul. It was up to the developer to create the view part based on the CMS modul. With the new website manager it is now possible to start immediately. The whole website part with several schemes and a set of predefined layouts is ready to use out of the box. Only thing which has to be done is the configuration of the system, upload some images as 'main image' or 'background image' and start to create the content. 



CMS 2.3 available

Finally we are able to publish the new release of Tiny Marbles CMS 2.3. In the new release we improved the article category management. You can set an icon and a main image for each article category. Furthermore it is now possible to add a domain filter for each article category. This is useful in case for instance the '.com-domain' should display different content than the '.de-domain'. 


Now it is possible to upload documents, like PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and ZIP-files. With the help of document manager it is possible to manage the documents, and the files can be added to an article in the same way an image, MP3-file or video is added. The document appears in the article as a download link with a specific icon.

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CMS 2.2 with new features available

The new release of Tiny Marbles CMS 2.2 is now available. It offers new features like 'company management' and 'article search'.

Check out the new article search feature:


It is now possible to distinguish properly between 'my articles' and 'all articles' with an owner of an article and an author for the related article versions. We improved the developer guide section of the online documentation. The complete permission mapping was tested and we created for a better understanding permission tables based on Excel with all related permission mappings. And of course: quality assurance with test and bug fixing.