New release, new banner management

The new release of Tiny Marbles CMS 2.1 is available: here you can download the new release.

In the release 2.1 we fixed some bugs and now the banner managment is ready to use. With the new advertising tool you can manage complete promotion areas of your website. You can add logos, banners or images, add a description and a headline and specify a URL to the website of the companies. The clicks on the banner are counted and shown in the administration area of Tiny Marbles CMS. It is very simple to use: create a new advertising area, add one or more banners and connect the area to an article category.



CMS 2.0 with dashboard

  • We published the new release of Tiny Marbles CMS in the download section today.
  • Currently we are working on a web banner management for the simple configuration and placement of advertising on a website. This feature will be included in our CMS middle of September 2009.
  • Take a look at the new dashboard of Tiny Marbles CMS: