Languages and translation

The language for the content of the website will be set in an article itself. The language is stored in the version of an article and each language has its own version control.

For the translation you first need to create an article in one language, let's say English. After saving the article you open the article again and change the language in the drop down menu for instance to 'German' and save the article again, as you can see in the screen below. Now you can manage both languages of an article independantly. You can filter the languages in the list of the versions of an article. If you delete an article, all its versions of all languages are deleted:



Article search

You can find the full text search for articles on the overview page of the tab 'Content Management'. Simply insert one or more search terms in the input field an click on the loupe icon. In case you enclose more than one search term in double quotes (for instance: "article search"), the search terms are combined with 'AND'. In that case only articles are shown in the search results, which contains all search terms inside the double quotes. A multiple search term without double quotes searches for articles which match to at least one of the single search terms:


After hitting the loupe icon, the list of the search results is shown. You can filter the search result using the filter: 'Language', 'Status', 'Type', 'Start date' and 'End date'. The 'Start date' and 'End date' filter are connected to the publish date of an article.: