Create a new banner

With the advertisement and banner management feature you can add advertisement and banner images very easily to your website. Each banner can be connected to a URL, and the clicks are counted.

To create a new advertisement area go to the Content Management tab and click on 'New banner area' in the box 'banner area'. A banner area can contain one or more banners, and a banner contains usually an image, which you can add from the image library. A banner can get additionally a title, a URL and a description. You are able to create an area on your website where several banner of several companies are shown. Additionally it is possible to connect a banner area to one or more article categories. That gives you the liberty to show different banner areas dependant on specific parts of your website.


The 'Position' shows you where the banner area appears on the website. Usually it is the right or left navigation bar, but it also be the footer or header area.

The checkbox "Crop" allows you to control how the images should appear in the banner box. If each banner image should have the same size and aspect ratio, it is a good idea to check the field 'Crop'. This is useful for example you would like to show a list of product image in a banner where all product images should have the same size.

The field "Target" allows you to control whether the link should open in the same window (default), or if the link should open in a new window.

The field "Allowed domains" allows you to control where the banner should appear: for instance the banner should only appear on a *.com-domain, but not on other domains like *.de or *.at, then fill in the *.com-domain like "www.your-domain.com" in the field "Allowed domains".


List banner areas

In the list of all banners you can filter the banner by the article categories, you can edit the banner areas and delete them. With the publish icon (yellow and grey arrow) you can publish a complete banner area on your website.



Example of a banner area on a website

To get a better understanding how a banner area appears on the public website here an example. There are three banners in the banner area of the right navigation bar. Each banner is linked to the specific company, and each click will be counted to control the success of the banner advertisement. The example uses the scheme 'Financial'.