The dashboard provides quick access to all important information of the CMS. It is the startscreen after the user signed in.


The dashboard is devided in a grid of panes which have different sizes: small box, big box, and the full size box. In each box the user can add the following dashboard items:

  • Recent users: shows the 5 recent users of the zone
  • Short cuts: shows quick links of the CMS
  • Recent groups: shows the groups where a user belongs to (max 5)
  • Google Analytics: user activity managed in Google Analytics
  • Recent articles: shows the 5 recent articles of the zone, with the filter 'My articles' and 'All articles'
  • Recent documents: shows the 5 recent documents of the zone
  • Recent podcast: shows the 5 recent podcast of the zone
  • Recent videos: shows the 5 recent videos of the zone

The user can set in his profile which dashboard item he would like to see in which box. If he disables a dashboard item, it doesn't appear on the dashboard:



Dashboard: Drag & Drop

The user can additionally customize the dashboard directly on the dashboard page with drag/drop operations. In the screen below you see an example of a working system based on Tiny Marbles CMS: