Upload images

Uploading new images is very simple. You only have to follow the 3 steps, we describe on the screen: Choose an image from a directory, upload it and add the author, a description and a category. Now you can zoom, crop and rotate your new image.

Attention: the CMS-System only accepts GIF, PNG, JPEG or JPG files. The default type of the image after uploading is JPG unless the administrator chose PNG for the whole system at installation time. All images are converted automatically from the system to the chosen file type.




Right after all images were uploaded successfully click on 'Edit images' in the upload screen and the new images are shown in the image library.


List images

You can go directly to the image library by clicking the link "List images" on the start screen of the content management area.  You see the following screen:


You can select multiple images by using the CTRL and SHIFT key. Edit an image by double click on the thumbnail. Or you select one or more images and use the toolbar on the top. With the features of the toolbar you can edit, zoom, delete, rotate and crop the images. Furthermore you can filter by tags and switch the language:



Edit images

Double-click on an image in the overview of the image library in order to edit a single image and specify the meta data for the image. You can set title, date, author, description and you can tag the image:



Crop images

First zoom the image you would like to crop (double-click on preview or click on loup). Then choose the crop style in the drop down menu: 'Free', 'Portrait', 'Square', 'Landscape (4:3)' or 'Landscape (16:9)':


  • 'Free': you have all liberty while cropping: you can set the aspect ratio and the size of your own choice.
  • 'Portrait': the aspect ratio and area is fixed, and the new image has a portrait format.
  • 'Square': the aspect ratio and area is fixed, and the new image has a square format.
  • 'Landscape (4:3):  the aspect ratio (4:3) and area is fixed, and the new image has a landscape format.
  • 'Landscape (16:9):  the aspect ratio (16:9) and area is fixed, and the new image has a landscape format.


Add images to articles

The images can be used in articles and for the video player. In this chapter we show how to add images to articles. First create or edit an article and go to the HTML-editor. In order to add images set the cursor in the editor where the image shpould appear and click then on the small icon in the toolbar of the HTML-editor (in this screen marked red). Now you have access to your complete image library of the CMS:


In the control of the image library you can filter images by tags (see 'Filters'). You have a preview on the right side and you can set the size of an image. Once you found the correct image size you need click on 'Insert' and the image appears in the HTML-editor. When you click the option 'Increase image' the image will be shown additionally as a big image when the user clicks on the image in the article of the public view part of the website. The option 'Image gallery' creates an image gallery in the article. This feature is explained in the next chapter.