Upload MP3 files and podcasts

Tiny Marbles CMS supports out of the box MP3 files. You can upload the MP3 files and use them in articles. The upload process for MP3 files works in the same way like for the images. You only have to follow the 3 steps like mentioned on the screen below: Choose your MP3 files from a directory, upload them and add the author, a description and a category:



List MP3 files

The list of the MP3 files shows the newest entries on top. As long as the MP3 file is not edited yet, the file is marked as 'new' in the first column. This is helpful in case you uploaded a lot of files at the same time. After the upload you can edit each file and set the author, description and the category.

Furthermore the 'listeners' and 'downloads' of each file can be counted counted. Attention: Right now the the counters for 'listeners' and 'downloads' are not used in the available public schemes of the Tiny Marbles CMS. This is a special feature to enhance the functionality of the public viewpart of the website.

podcast2.png If you would like to delete one or more MP3 files from the list simply click on the trash can icons and collect the files by using the control key or shift key of the keyboard. Then click on Delete? and the selected MP3 files will be deleted after you confirmed a message from the system:



Edit MP3 files

In the edit modus of the MP3 files you can specify the title, the author, the description and the tags. You also can play the MP3 file with the podcast player, which you can see on top of the page:



Add MP3 files to articles

Now we demonstrate how to add MP3 to articles. First create or edit an article and go to the HTML-editor. In order to add MP3 files click on the small icon in the toolbar of the HTML-editor (in this screen marked red). Now you have access to your complete MP3 library of the CMS. The file will appear in the editor where the cursor was placed:


Attention: After adding the file you only see a placeholder of the podcast player in the HTML-editor . Open the preview of the article to check if the player is working fine and plays the correct file.

In the control of the podcast library you can filter by MP3 tags ('Categories') and you can play the file. Once you found the correct MP3 file you are looking for click on 'Insert' and the file appears in the HTML-editor: