Layout 'team'

You would like to set up a small team of your company very quick and easily? Try out the 'Team'-layout. It works like that: upload the portraits of the team images to the image library. Crop each image in the order they should appear on the public website with the crop tool 'Portrait' and tag the images with a tag like for instance 'Team'. Use the image description to write a short note to each image, like for instance the name and the business function of the person on the image.

Additionally go to the tag management and edit the tag 'Team'. Specify the system-Id 'team' for this specific tag. This you only have to do once, and it might be a good idea that the system adiministrator will do that after the installation of the whole system.

Attention: The name of the tag is not important, you can call it 'Team' or 'team images' or whatever. But once you created the tag be sure that the system-Id of this tag is 'team' and that all images for the team layout are tagged with this particular tag.

Create an article category with the layout 'Team'. Create an article with the type 'Article, short' and connect this article to the article category 'Team'. The content of the HTML-editor appears above the team images. If you did everything right the webpage appears like that: