To protect the contact form and the request for appointment form and to avoid SPAM emails, you can activate reCaptcha. For that you first need to create a reCaptcha account for your domain. Then fill out the fields for reCaptcha in your zone administration:


If everything is correct the reCaptcha automatically appears on the contact and appointment form, for example like that (example from a working system with the scheme 'Financial'):




Google Analytics

Tiny Marbles CMS uses Google Analytics for the user tracking. It is possible to specify a Google Analytics tracker for each zone, that means for each website as well. For that you need a Google Analytics account with user name and password, a tracker and a website profile Id, which both can be generated on the Google Analytics administration page. Fill out these fields in the zone administration:


If everything is correct you see on the dashboard of the administration page of your zone the Google Analytics box, for example like that: