Article tags

Article tags are a powerful feature to filter articles on a public website. In opposition to the image tags, which are used only for filtering in the admin area, the article tags are only displayed on the public website. Be careful, 'tags' are in the admin area not the same as 'categories' (although the tags appear on the public website under the headline 'Categories'), the term 'categories' in the Tiny Marbles CMS administration area are used for 'Article categories' by witch the navigation concept of a public website is setted up.

Attention: right now the feature of the tag filter on the public website doesn't support the MSSQL 2008 R2 or Express database. It is only tested with MySQL 5.x.

To 'tag' an article simple open an article, go to the tag box, and check an existing tag or add an a new tag and save the article:


The tags appear on the public website for instance like that (list on the right side with the header 'categories'):


Some rules for tags:

  • A tag is connected to the type of an article: either to the type 'Article, short' or 'Article, long'
  • Tags for 'Article, short' and 'Article, long' only appear on the public website with the scheme 'Flexible layout'
  • The scheme 'Horizontal tab system' only shows tags  for 'Article, long'
  • The scheme 'Financial' doesn't show any tags on the public website
  • Tags for 'Article, long' are connected to the chosen article category. This works best in case you have for instance a 'news list' like 'News and Infos' where you very often post new articles. With the help of 'tags' you can set filter for this article category
  • Tags for 'Article, short' are connected to the main article category in the main menu and to all categories underneath this article category. This works best in case you create for example a 'User guide', and underneath the user guide category you create a navigation tree where you connect many articles of the type 'Article, short'. In fact, this user guide is setted up exactly in this way.